Customize to meet specific demands

There is not one concept that matches all our customers requirements, so therefore we customize. We make sure our concept fits in anyway possible, sometimes this means products need to be customized to a specific demand.

That ’s no problem!

Own design without minimum order quantity

As we control the entire supply chain, we can easily adjust our products to specific demands, WITH NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY!

That’s right, at Wildtex you can have your logo on our product or even better; your own design, your own animal on a shirt, sweater, bag, bib or romper, without you having to order a minimum quantity!

We go even further: You can even customize the clothing. If you don’t want a T-shirt, if you want to design your own dress with your own print, we can make this for you!

We have a team specialized in customizing collections and designs. Your customize request is like candy to our design team!

Team of experts

Our team consists not only of experts in the design industry, but also in the fashion industry. We know what makes a heart beat faster, you can find this in the love we put in our collection, so please don’t hesitate to ask us about specific requests, we will always find a way to make that what seems impossible, possible!

Everything is possible, that’s what makes us 100% original!