We care, about our concept, about each other, about our customers, our collection, but more important; We care about the world.

Besides thinking about new designs, new themes and new articles to make our concept more successful, we also think about ways to do something for our environment.

Eco friendly materials

Our team is busy creating a collection on eco friendly materials only and is looking for an alternative for plastic see-through packaging, which is an extremely exciting challenge! We are close, but not there yet. For updates on our eco friendly collection and packaging, please follow our website and ask our salespersons.

We care-program

Our We care-program is a program that, just like our concept, keeps evolving. In our program we donate a percentage of our turnover to charities, we keep checking what is most demanding and offer our funds there. Besides donating money, we also donate clothing.

A Tee for a refugee

We now have a project called ‘A Tee for a refugee’ in which we donate clothes to refugees that come to Europe under horrible circumstances.

Please check our We Care program on the website and keep posted on the good work we try to do, unnoticeable maybe, but we feel a change begins in the heart of a few and grows to the heart of many by giving and doing good.

We design, We create, We customize, We deliver, We follow up, We learn, We adapt, We smile… WE CARE.