Wildtex is not a product, it’s a concept.

Our concept has been proven to instantly create more sales per visitor. We are proud of the success we have with our customers, who are well-known zoos and theme parks in several different countries.

What we offer is a customized concept inside stores of zoos and theme parks and we make sure that the booth, wall or display is up-to-date and always filled with bestselling items.

Our creative concept contains several themes in which unique products are offered for babies, children and adults. Besides the products, we also hand you the marketing tools to offer them, generating more attention and more sales.

You, as our customer, don’t have to think at all, we come to your store and implement our concept, all customized to your wishes. If necessary we can even offer customized products, which can be discussed separately.

If an item does not sell as expected, we take it back and change it for another item within a few days, guaranteeing a high turnover rate and no leftovers.

In short all the advantages of our concept.

  • Create more sales per visitor
  • Increase your turnover rate
  • Increase your margin
  • Get the goods extremely quick
  • Have no minimum order quantity
  • Have no leftovers

We put all the love and effort we have into our concept, we want to know and see what works and what does not, to be able to create the most perfect concept suitable for you.

In our minds everything is possible, that’s what makes us 100% original.


We are proud of our customers, and deliver them the best in apparel designs


No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Call us and find out!